If Trump is removed from office, says famous pastor, "veterans, cowboys, mountain men" will go on a Democrat killing spree

Pastor Rick Wiles has a warning for Democrats: if Trump is removed from office, "veterans, cowboys, mountain men, guys that know how to fight" will "hunt down" those responsible. Pastor Wiles chokes up and gets a faraway look in his eye when he says "veterans, cowboys, mountain men," almost as if these macho characters were members of a Village People tribute band and he was the president of its fan club.

Wikipedia has a grab bag of fun facts about Pastor Wiles:

Wiles has…

  • asserted that the effects of Hurricane Harvey upon the city of Houston, Texas resulted from Houston's "LGBT devotion"
  • described Judaism and Islam as "the Antichrist"
  • called Central American immigrants a "brown invasion" being used by God to punish American whites because of abortion
  • claimed that the Las Vegas massacre was conducted by government death squads
  • asserted that Antonin Scalia was murdered
  • predicted an imminent coup that would result in the nationally televised decapitation of the Trump family on the White House lawn.