Cosplay of Greatness: 'Isaac Clarke'

Stupendous dedication and execution on this cosplay masterpiece.

A wonderful Isaac Clarke cosplay build by IMGURian @buu342 for this year's Comic Con in Lisbon, Portugal.

"The entire build took about three months of work, and a few extra weeks for planning and material gathering."

They shared an incredible step-by-step gallery of images showing the many steps and tools and techniques required to pull it off.

Materials used:
1cm thick EVA foam
0.5cm thick EVA foam
0.2cm thick EVA foam
1.2cm diameter acrylic tube
0.8cm diameter acrylic tube
Plastic hose connection pieces
Small Magnets
Push button
3 12v batteries
3 blue LED's
12V LED strips
Furniture Cups
Googly Eyes
Electrical Cable
1cm wooden dowel
Small nails
Sewing needles and line
artifical leather
light gray fabric
Velcro strips
Foggy plastic (used to bind books)
Aluminum Foil
2cm thick styrofoam

Clothing used:
Horseriding boots
Black gloves
Leather belt
Grey wool jacket

Paints used:
Black Plasti Dip Spray paint
Copper Spray paint
Silver Spray paint
Bronze Spray paint
Gold Spray paint
Dark Orange Spray paint
Black acrylic paint
Red acrylic paint

Tools used:
x-acto knife
lots of x-acto knife blades
Heat Gun
Hot Glue Gun
Wood Glue
Various paint brushes, from small to large
Poly Max
Electrical Tape
Painters Tape
Soldering Iron

Software used:
Microsoft Word

Isaac Clarke Cosplay Build