Liquid Wrench's dry lube for doors and hinges lubes doors and hinges well

I have been very happy Liquid Wrench Lock and Hinge Lube.

The back lid on my Volkswagen Vanagon started sticking a few years ago. A responsible person who does things right would likely take the panels off, clean everything up and lubricate it with whatever factory stuff was used. I have just taken to spraying some of this dry lube in the locks and other mechanisms once every year or so.

Doors and locks that were sticking or squeaky around the house have also been cured with one or two squirts of this 'ceflon' lubricant.

The spray straw is billed as some kind of special design. It is a very useful straw for directing lube where you want it, like on every other can of spray lube I've seen since the 80s or 90s?

Got sticky locks or squeaky hinges? This stuff is good.

Liquid Wrench LHL04/6 Lock and Hinge Lube – 4.5 oz. via Amazon