Five year old boy phones 911 to order McDonald's Happy Meal

Police in a Phoenix, Arizona suburb received a 911 emergency call recently from a 5-year-old boy who just wanted to order a Happy Meal from McDonald's, and who, other than this, didn't have an actual emergency.

The City of Mesa Police Department published the call audio on their Facebook page.

In the recording, Charlie Skabelund, who is five, asks if he's speaking with McDonald's.

"Do you have an emergency?" dispatcher Anthony Bonilla replies.

There's a pause.

Then, the kindergartener says he would like "One Mc-Happy Meal."

The child then hangs up the phone.

Fifteen minutes later, Mesa police officer Randolph "Scott" Valdez arrived at the Skabelund's driveway to deliver the Happy Meal in person to Charlie.

Officer Valdez also spoke to the child about how 911 is to be used properly.

The boy's dad, Randy Skabelund, spoke to the dispatcher in a follow-up call later to apologize and explain that there was not an emergency, but that little Charlie probably got a hold of dad's cellphone.

Kim Skabelund, Charlie's mom, says officer Valdez handled the situation with "love and kindness."

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