Cute cat break: 'How to summon a demon'

The dark lords of the underworld are best summoned by sparkly glitter bait. Read the rest

Cool kid makes bow ties for shelter dogs and cats to help them get adopted

Darius Brown, an awesome kid from Newark, New Jersey, makes bow ties for shelter animals to help them get adopted (because they're more cute). The cause is righteous, and so is the creativity he puts into designing and making the bow ties.

His organization is called Beaux and Paws. There's a GoFundMe. You know what to do. Read the rest

Cat revs self up to jump through hoop held high

Hold my ring. Read the rest

Dog who just wants treat gets confused by physics, gravity, this glass table

Give him the dang treat already, come on. Read the rest

Cat impersonates otter

Arthur the cat looks so regal as he swims determinedly and hangs out confidently in the swimming pool. Read the rest

Adorable baby skunk is adorable

Just don't piss them off.

Jamming from inside a guitar, with Maple the dog

Unmute! Something wholesome for your internet enjoyment. Read the rest


Bush baby go Boing. Boing Boing.

[via] Read the rest

Happy golden retriever family and their pile of puppies

Dog Break.

Got some sweet wholesome loving dog content for your internet experience. Read the rest

Googly-eye disguised Great Dane wrestles human for this here treat

Those googly eye glasses sure do the trick. Read the rest

Relaxing Frenchie face-mushing meditation

So soft. So relaxing. Read the rest

This dog has to get his jump *just* right before leaping up on that couch

'Hold on. Gotta warm up first.' Read the rest

Puppy tries to convince cat to play

'Come on, angry claw puppy! Play with me!' Read the rest

Having a bad day?

This will probably cheer you up.

Kitty is a fluff-butt

It's so fluffy! Read the rest

Cow enjoys being petted like a dog

🐮 Want to boop that beef snoot so bad. Read the rest

Low poly shower cat

Looks like they're gonna need a stronger download connection for this cat. Read the rest

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