This White House appointee has an extremely creative resume

Following in Melania's footsteps, while vetted by the White house, Mina Chang apparently embellished her resume to the point even Congress caught it.

Much like Orange Julius, she also proudly displayed a fake Time cover.


Time magazine spokesperson Kristin Matzen said the cover is "not authentic."

A fake Time magazine cover with Mina Chang.
Chang's biography says she was part of a panel on drones in humanitarian relief efforts convened by the U.N. But there's no record backing up her claim and a source with knowledge of the matter said she was not part of the "panel," which was a single public roundtable.

Chang says in her official biography that she is as an "alumna" of Harvard Business School. But according to the university, Chang attended a seven-week course in 2016, and does not hold a degree from the institution.

Her biography on the State Department website says she is a "graduate" of a program at the Army War College. But the program she attended was a four-day seminar on national security, according to the college.

Chang does not cite any undergraduate degree in her biography, but her LinkedIn account mentions the University of the Nations, an unaccredited Christian school with volunteer teachers that says it has 600 locations "on all continents."