20 worshippers trampled to death during Tanzania church service

At at least 20 worshippers were killed in a stampede at a prosperity gospel church service in Tanzania on Sunday when the pastor told the thousands in attendance to come forward to get anointed with blessed miracle oil that solves all problems, reports The Telegraph. After the deadly incident, the pastor attempted to flee the country but was arrested before he could escape.

Pastor Boniface Mwamposa had been drawing huge crowds by promising prosperity and cures for diseases to worshippers who step in what he calls "blessed oil" during his services.

He was arrested on Sunday in Tanzania's commercial capital, Dar es Salaam, as he attempted to flee the country, home affairs minister George Simbachawene said on Sunday.

"Mwamposa tried to flee after this incident, but we arrested him in Dar es Salaam … he will be held accountable for causing this tragedy," the minister said.

According to the minister, the stampede took place after the pastor instructed worshippers, who numbered some 10,000, to rush to one side of the stadium all at once to get anointed.

Who else thinks that Pastor Mwamposa will say the people died because they lacked faith?

Image: YouTube/Kenya Citizen TV