Watch: Patient plays violin during brain surgery, a UK first

Professional musician Dagmar Turner had brain surgery at King's College Hospital, London to remove a benign tumor.

In this video, a brain surgery patient is filmed playing violin during an operation. Dagmar Turner was woken up after her skull was removed, and played the violin while surgeons removed her aggressive brain tumor.

Pretty amazing.

First time they've pulled this off in the UK!

We have written about the phenomenon here at Boing Boing before.

From The Independent:

The medical team asked Dagmar Turner, 53, to play the violin to ensure parts of the brain which control delicate hand movements and coordination were not damaged during the millimetre-precise surgery.

Ms Turner, a former management consultant from the Isle of Wight, was diagnosed in 2013 with a brain tumour after suffering a seizure during a symphony.

The committed violinist, who plays in Isle of Wight Symphony Orchestra, was worried the surgery would mean she woudl lose the ability to play.

Her tumour was located in the right frontal lobe of her brain, close to an area that controls the fine movement of her left hand.

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