Trump says coronavirus restrictions should extend to April 30, forget the Easter thing

Trump on Sunday said he's extending COVID-19 social distancing guidelines until April 30.

Impeached president Donald John Trump just last week said he wanted to see the much of the United States opening back on Easter Sunday, and that people should crowd into churches for some kind of national prayer craziness.

It all makes sense if you remember he has a degenerating mind and he's completely nuts.

Today Trump flipped hiscoronavirus script yet again, and said maybe the social restrictions should extend past Easter Sunday, also "great things" are coming in June. Live-streamed mass funerals for the COVID-19 fallen? What twisted crap is on his oatmeal brain now?

From Allan Smith's report for NBC News:

Trump said last week he wanted to see much of the country return to normal by Easter, April 12, despite warnings from top health experts that easing the guidelines too soon could cause widespread deaths and economic damage.

Trump said Friday he would be consulting with his administration's top medical experts on whether to extend or change the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines on slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

But on Sunday, Trump said the Easter target date was "just an aspiration" and said he expects "great things to be happening" by June 1. Instead, Trump said he believes Easter will mark "the peak number, and it should start coming down, hopefully very substantially at that point."

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