Trump "furious" after sparsely-attended Tulsa rally

Tired, dejected, his collar smeared with orange makeup, Trump at least suffered no physical problems getting off Marine One and ambling home after this weekend's flop rally in Tulsa. Only 6,200 people turned up to the event, touted by the president as a million-reservation spectacular that would pack the 19,000-seat stadium and spill over in to the streets beyond, where an overflow stage was set up to please the faithful.

On the night, though, the overflow stage was hurriedly broken down to avoid the stark humiliation of a huge video screen relating Trump's meandering speech to no-one at all. And in the BOK Center, the man himself faced a stadium one-third full.

Lefty teens took great pleasure in having accomplished a spectacular feat of online activism: they registered for tickets in huge numbers and doubtless led the Trump campaign to its inflated expectations for the rally. But that effort didn't stop true fans turning out—and they didn't.

He is furious, reports NBC News.