Sword-maker crafts The WREKTANGLE, a giant sword of magnificent glory

This thing looks so clunky and brutal and fantastic.

It's called The WREKTANGLE, and Michael Cthulhu is the swordsmith behind it.

He's got a Patreon, and a a YouTube channel.

My latest Big Dumb Sword.

From Mr. Cthulhu:

So in this video I make a huge brutal thing cause I was sick of the more delicate artis-anal stuff. I've often joked that Cloud's Buster Sword is basically a giant rectangle, so I've wanted to make one that was literally a giant rectangle for ages. A traditional sword handle set up on a giant sword is impossible to stab with, so I put a battering ram style thing on this thing, despite the fact that it doesn't have a tip. I basically made a sharp battering ram/ REAL HEAVY shield.

Here's a related video on how to properly set up one of those forge things.