Adhesive nose bridge strips for DIY face masks help keep my glasses clear

These adhesive nose bridge strips help keep my glasses from fogging up.

I have two masks that came with nose bridge strips sewn in. Those two are the only masks I was able to use when shopping or anywhere my sight was actually important, as the loose nose bridge area on my other hand-made masks encouraged my glasses to fog up.

Feeling like my vision is closing in as I breathe-in increasingly warmer and damper air evokes memories of nitrogen narcosis while scuba diving. Never the smartest free ride.

I did not know I was looking for these adhesive aluminum strips until they found me. Today, they are pretty much the best cheapo gadgety thing I've seen this pandemic.

Nose Bridge Strip 100PCS,Shed Protector Aluminum Strips(Specs: 0.02X0.2X3.54 inch) for DIY Mask Handmade Crafting Making Nose Bridge Clip via Amazon