Who is the federal prosecutor who tried to use his position to get out of a DUI arrest?

A federal prosecutor made homophobic and sexist remarks during a DUI arrest that cost him his job, reports Buzzfeed's Zoe Tillman. Moroever, he threatened arresting officers after making clear they knew who he was. But the Department of Justice is refusing to name him, Tillman adds, redacting his identity in paperwork that they only yielded after a Freedom of Information Act request. Nor will it say whether he ever worked on cases related to discrimination.

The prosecutor pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence. The inspector general's office redacted his sentence in the report, but an unredacted section indicates the sentence was deferred while he was under court supervision and required that he have a breath test machine attached to his car.

The inspector general office concluded that the now-former prosecutor "displayed conduct unbecoming a federal employee when he was intermittently verbally abusive, non-compliant, and threatening towards the arresting officers and jail officials," the report states. The office also found that the man "misused his position" by suggesting officers should release him because he was a federal prosecutor and threatening law enforcement officers with legal action or getting them fired.