Joe Arpaio came within an inch of winning GOP primary for Maricopa County Sheriff

Longtime Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is among America's most plainly racist politicians, convicted of criminal contempt after disobeying a federal judge's order to stop racial profiling. He only avoided jail after a pardon from President Trump. Arpaio ran again this year in the GOP Primary election for Sheriff, and the count puts him only 500 votes behind Jerry Sheridan, his former deputy. The winner now faces the current Sheriff, Democrat Paul Penzone, in November; as of early Wednesday morning, Arpaio has not conceded.

Sheridan tallied 122,785 votes to Arpaio's 122,207 votes, giving them 36.7% and 36.5% of the total respectively, with a strong third-place run from Mike Crawford on 88,677, 22% of the total.