Sneaky thieves rob Ninja Museum

On Monday, sneaky thieves robbed the Iga-ryu Ninja Museum in Japan's Mie Prefecture. In just three minutes, the crooks forced open the museum entrance, nabbed a 330 pound safe containing more than a million yen ($9,470), and vanished into the night. I'm not saying it was ninjas who robbed the Ninja Museum but… From CNN:

Part of the museum's appeal is that it's tucked inside a forest — but this also makes it a better target for thieves, as it's largely hidden from view once night falls[…]

Iga, the city where the museum is located, is known as a center for ninja enthusiasts; according to local legend, it was once home to the famous Iga clan of ninjas.

Every year, Iga holds a massive ninja festival that attracts thousands of attendees with traditional performances, ninja costume stations, ninja training sessions and more.

In 2017, Mie University established the International Ninja Research Center in Iga — the first in the world dedicated to ninja studies.