Owner of Fatte's Pizza allegedly robbed a different Fatte's Pizza at gunpoint

On Sunday, police in Paso Robles, California were called to Fatte's Pizza after an armed robber made off with cash from the register. Later that evening, the cops apprehended the suspect, one Darryl Allan, 38, who apparently owns a Fatte's Pizza just 15 minutes away in Atascadero. He had stopped at In-N-Out for a bite.

"Upon their search of the vehicle police found a gun, large amounts of cash, along with drug paraphernalia," reports KSBY News.

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Casper the Friendly Ghost robbed New Jersey hotel

On Saturday night, Casper the Friendly Ghost attempted to rob a Ramada Inn in Wayne, New Jersey. According to police, the ghost jumped over the reception desk, pried open the cash drawer, and ran off with the dough. Eventually though, police determined that the ghost was not actually Casper, and not even a real specter, but rather a 59-year-old gentleman named Joseph Elder who was a guest staying at the hotel.

""... [Elder] attempted to conceal his identity with a Casper the ghost style bed sheet with holes cut out," the police said.

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Gentleman steals $2,100 from an office safe, then gets busted after falling asleep mid-robbery

A man on the federal wanted list for repeated crimes in Russia broke into an office building and stole 140,000 rubles ($2,100 USD) from a safe. He had brought a toolbox worth of tools, including "screwdrivers, wire cutters, a hammer, a nail puller, and a bunch of keys, to break into several private company offices, looking for valuables," according to Oddity Central.

But before taking off, he spotted a leather armchair and couldn't resist. The gentleman took a seat and fell into a deep slumber, bungling any plan of escape.

Asleep for hours, he was finally spotted on a security camera. Police came and had an easy time nabbing the man, who was still snoozing comfortably with his bag of cash.

Needless to say, the 36-year-old burglar was arrested.

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See bold thieves snatch $27,000 in products from a bustling Apple Store in 30 seconds

Four men snatched $27,000 in laptops and iPhones from a busy Apple Store in Fresno, California.

They were going through people and just grabbing stuff," Beckwith said Sunday.

Police initially got a report that the incident was an armed robbery, but later determined that the alleged heist was quick and no weapons were used.

(Fresno Bee)

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