DildoDon: You can help make this Trump portrait in 2,020 dildos permanent

Ohio artist Stephen Manka had a strange dilemma. He needed to figure out what he was going to do with the 2,020 vintage metal molds he got from a dildo manufacturer. His first thought was to create a zen garden, but got kicked out of a local foraging group's Facebook page when he tried to get them to identify the "mushrooms" he posted. He then sold some on Etsy as "Zen Garden Dicks" but then his account got suspended. But then he had an epiphany to use them to make a portrait of a real dickhead. DildoDon was born.

You can help him take this temporary sculpture and make it a permanent one. From his Kickstarter:

We are raising funds to transform a temporary studio installation into a permanent sculpture intended for a public tour along the way to the election.

screengrab via Stephen Manka/Kickstarter