Huge Pew poll puts Biden ahead by double digits and it's the best news Trump's had in days

A large-sample poll from respected pollster Pew Research shows Joe Biden trouncing Donald Trump by more than 10 points. But this is a relatively slim lead compared to other recent polls, says the New York Times' Nate Cohn, such is the dire state of Trump's campaign.

If this strikes you as comical or ridiculous, the idea that being 10 points behind might be the best news Trump's had lately, here's two things to think of. First, the Access Hollywood tape had him being written off in similar fashion at the same point last time around, and he won all the same. Second, Pew Research's October poll in 2016 put Clinton 9 points ahead, and she lost all the same.

The buried treasure in this paper, I think, is the line below. Trump trounces Biden on the question of having a spine.

As absurd as it is to think Trump believes in anything at all, he nonetheless appears as a more sincere and forthright believer in things than Joe Biden, in a poll where Trump otherwise loses in a landslide.

This really gets to the problem with Biden's and Harris's weasel talk over fracking, the supreme court, and anything else that implies actual policies conservatives would hate. They won't even commit to positions that are overwhelmingly popular, such is their terror of upsetting conservatives or being seen to have any ideological association with their own left-leaning voters.

Biden has One Job on November 3. Once he's done it, what then?