How not to cover up your political sign theft

Peter De Yager, a stalwart Republican and businessman in Iowa, wanted to make sure that no-one found out about him nicking someone's Joe Biden yard sign and paying a modest fine. So he embarked upon a regional sweep of shops, grabbing newspapers by the armful and clearing out vending boxes. Now everyone knows about him nicking someone's Joe Biden yard sign.

The Dickinson County News' Seth Boyes:

Co-owner Sylvia Jennings said she recognized him as a somewhat regular customer, and she recalled him asking if she carried $100 gift cards.

"I said, 'No, I don't, but I've got $50. Let me get some more out here,'" Jennings said. "I turned around to get them out of the cabinet, and he grabbed my papers, folded them over, stuck them down by his leg and walked out the door."

Cunningly, the newspaper also puts its stories on the internet. De Yager's plan was doomed from the outset. [via @doctorow]