Antarctica's head chef plans almost 1 million meals in advance

Keeping everyone in Antarctica fed is a massive logistical undertaking. McMurdo Station in Antarctica houses about 900 scientists in peak season, and the head chef has to plan out months in advance because of limits on when food can be shipped:

Throughout their one-month stay in Antarctica, hosts Caitlin Saks and Arlo Pérez discover the secret sauce of Antarctic cooking from experts at McMurdo's galley (Hint: Need to reconstitute a meal? Just add cheese! Need to keep that cheese beyond its expiration date? That's what freezers are for) and scientists at remote research sites. They glimpse the early days of Antarctic food storage at a long-preserved hut from theTerra Nova Expedition that began in 1910. Along the way, Caitlin and Arlo discover the glory of 24/7 pizza and "freshies," the cardboard-like texture of a protein bar several years past its expiration date, and the true meaning of "eat your vegetables."

Image: YouTube / PBS Terra