This portable USB charger can get an Apple Watch back to full power on the go

The Apple Watch is a great addition to any tech arsenal–until it runs out of juice, that is. Then, you have to go about the process of recharging. Of course, the Apple Watch only recharges via wireless charging, meaning it can sometimes end up being pretty inconvenient to power up, especially if you're out and about.

The Apple Watch Portable USB Charger from Electric Avenue is a travel-sized accessory designed to help make sure your Apple Watch can always get the juice that it needs.

Simply plug this charger into any device with a USB port, and it's ready to start delivering up to 5 watts of power to your Apple Watch. This charger has a built-in magnetic adsorption module that will immediately detect the back of the watch, click the device into place securely, and start delivering power.

The magnet maintains a firm grip on the watch, which helps you avoid the annoying Apple Watch habit of breaking charging connections if the device happens to shift. The charger is wise to that design issue, and maintains a strong enough hold to make sure it continues to charge.

Once the charger and device connect, the fast-charging process will get the watch back to full strength in no time, taking a dead watch back to 100% charged in 2 to 3 hours.

This charger is compatible with any version of the Apple Watch. At just three inches wide, it's also small and lightweight enough that you can easily slip it into your pocket so it's ready whenever you need a charge.

You can connect it to a USB plug in your vehicle, your office desktop when you're working, or your personal laptop when you're just hanging out at home.

Regularly priced at $39, this Apple Watch Portable USB Charger is now more than half off, on sale for just $18.99.

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