Michigan board votes to certify state's election results – Joe Biden wins, Trump loses another legal case

Sorry, no coup for you. It's over.

Michigan just certified the state's election results, in which Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden won, and they've confirmed that Trump lost.

The state's 16 electoral votes will be awarded to President-elect Joe Biden, who defeated Donald Trump by a margin of more than 154,000 votes.


The decision dealt another blow to Trump's unprecedented effort to undo Biden's win by attempting to delay the certification of the election results in key states. Three out the four board members — including one Republican — voted for certification, capping a dramatic political dispute that had roiled the state.

The Michigan canvassing board had never before refused to certify a statewide vote, but pressure on the once-obscure panel had built over the past week.

In the run-up to Monday's meeting, Trump made an extraordinary personal intervention into Michigan, reaching out personally to state and local officials. His supporters called on the GOP-controlled legislature to appoint their own set of electors before the electoral college meets on Dec. 14.

And both the president and top GOP officials sought to discredit the vote process in Michigan's Wayne County, home of Detroit, making sweeping and unsubstantiated claims about widespread fraud and citing errors in the vote tallies. Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and state GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox called for a "full audit and investigation" before the vote was certified.

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