'We're all victims' Trump whines at Georgia rally, repeatedly refusing to accept he lost election to Biden

"We're all victims. Everybody here. All these thousands of people here tonight. They're all victims. Every one of you."

• "If I lost — I'd be a very gracious loser."

• "We will not back down. We will never, ever surrender."

• On trying to overturn the election: "I've probably worked harder in the last three weeks than I ever have in my life. Doing this."

— Donald Trump, Valdosta, GA, December 5, 2020

Trump's speechifying in Georgia tonight is especially crazed. He is saying repeatedly, clearly, in various ways, that he refuses to accept that he lost the recent election to President-Elect Joe Biden, and is presenting the "stolen" election as a kind of Lost Cause, while delcaring his audience to be victims. It's wild.

"We have made America safe again," Trump lies at the end of his incoherent rant, on a day when about 2,500 Americans died from the coronavirus.