Paul Behrends, longtime aide to 'Putin's Congressman' Dana Rohrabacher, dies suddenly of head injury

“Paul Behrends, who lost his job on the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee after links to Russia were reported, suffered a head injury close to his home on Friday night.”

Paul Behrends, longtime aide to "Putin's Congressman" Dana Rohrabacher, has died suddenly from a head injury over the weekend, The Daily Beast reports. Behrends was found by emergency responders close to his home Friday night, with severe head trauma.

From The Daily Beast:

Behrends was a controversial figure on Capitol Hill who lost his job as staff director for the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee after The Daily Beast reported on his links to Trump Tower lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya's operation in the U.S.

Rohrabacher's former congressional spokesman Ken Grubbs told The Daily Beast that Behrends died at the hospital. "I did actually call Dana and he confirmed it," he said. "What I've heard is that he slipped… hit his head, and died in surgery."

Grubbs said there was no reason to think anything suspicious had happened to Behrends or that there was any link to his associations with Russia. "No, no, not at all," he said.

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