The Seven & Me Espresso Maker brings barista-level brewing and milk frothing home

There's a reason why Starbucks and other high-end coffee outlets have lines snaking out the door every morning. Sure, you can make coffee yourself in your own home with any of a thousand different coffee makers. But, when you want something with a little more flair, like an espresso or a cup with a milky froth, are you going to spend the time at home to do that right?

Chances are, if you want your milk frothed to perfect consistency to complement your brew, you're starting to cross a line that demands more work than most of us really want to put in. 

However, kitchen genies like the Seven and Me Coffee Espresso Maker are making it a lot simpler to tackle more advanced coffee creations in literally minutes with the press of a button.

The Seven and Me is an iF Design award winner that actually works as well as it looks. Successfully funded through Indiegogo backers, the Seven and Me is a dual-function espresso maker and milk frother that's designed to offer convenience, versatility, and premium taste in just three minutes. Basically, you get a blend that tastes like a trained barista made it, from a unit that sits on your kitchen countertop.

It comes with five pre-programmed brewing modes, each ready to offer up a wide variety of coffee favorites from a creamy latte or silky cappuccino, to a more robust macchiato or a powerful espresso. With the unit's smart control system, the brewing time, pressure, and heating are all automatically controlled, turning out the perfect brew each time.

While your coffee brews on one side, the other side is working to froth your milk or dairy product. In fact, The Seven and Me is calibrated to hit the barista-standard 150°F temperature needed to bring out the natural sweetness of milk, while frothing it to absolute perfection. If you're a fan of latte art, the pitcher design can also be used as the ultimate tool to help you perfect the craft all on your own.

Regularly priced at $359, you can not only get $40 off, but you can take an additional 20% off the final price, for a limited time, when you enter the promo code GREEN20 when you make your purchase. That lowers your price to more than $100 off, just $255.96.

Prices subject to change.