Hannity debunks "menacing" Twitter joke about his Olive Garden Pasta Pass

On Friday, January 8, comedian Louie Mantia posted a fake PR release on Twitter, depicting the Olive Garden formally revoking Sean Hannity's Pasta Pass in response to recent political events.

This was clearly an absurd parody of Brand Activism, made even funnier by the fact that Mantia accidentally misspelled "vicious attacks" as "viscous attacks," cueing a number of responses (mine included) about the creamy viscosity of the Olive Garden's Alfredo sauce.

It should have ended there.

But Sean Hannity caught wind of this rumor about the revocation of his Lifetime Pasta Pass, and decided that such lies simple could not stand.

And so — on the night that his dear friend Donald Trump, with whom he used to share a criminal lawyer, was banned from every major social media platform in the wake of his crappy coup — Sean Hannity decided it was important to dedicate a portion of his TV show to debunking the lies about Olive Garden.

He hyped the segment at least 2 times leading up to its airing:

Before finally EXPOSING the TRUTH about the "menacing" "fake news" that was being spread about his Lifetime Pasta Pass.

Truly, truly amazing reporting over there on Fox News.