Florida Man did something crazy on your birthday

There is a website that when you put in your birth date, will give you an outrageous "Florida man" news story, about some kind of insane crime a male in the Sunshine State committed on your special day. Type just the month and day into floridamanbirthdaychallenge.com and voila! Nut-jobbery abounds. On my September birthday a naked Florida man ran around a Chik-fil-a parking lot, swearing and telling everyone to look at his genitals. See? It's fun!

Here's another "Florida man" rabbit hole for you to go down: Type in "Florida man" in the BoingBoing search and enjoy. There's tons of entertaining tales of lecherous and absurd acts.

In fact, these stories are so popular that recently someone fabricated this fake report and made it look like CBS News posted it:

This is a fake tweet. According to Fact Check: "The mugshot featured in the fake CBS News tweet shows a man who was arrested in March 2016 for burglarizing a Louisiana church, according to a Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office news release."

CBS News never posted that yet it spread like wildfire on social media, because if you say "Florida man" everyone will believe whatever is written after–especially when using a guy with as striking a mug as above.

In my estimation it seems to have all started with the face-eating bath salts guy story in 2012. That still seems like the granddaddy of them all. Face-eating bath salts guy captured national attention with its sheer horror, and as the media is wont to do, a flurry of Florida man stories followed and soon Florida went from lovely vacation spot to court jester.