A tree fell on my 1976 BMW R90S

I am rapidly running out of horcrux.

Since the pandemic, I don't ride much, but when I did it was always my Daytona Orange R90S. Immaculately maintained, I had been told she was the most fun to ride example any one of the three mechanics I have had work on her during my term of ownership thus far.

Typical oil changes and value adjustments are my jobs, but every 2 years I have whomever the most dedicated vintage BMW mechanic I can find in my closest major metropolitan area do a very major service.

The Dellorto carbs are beyond my pay grade, even tho I did the Bings on my haunted R75/6.

Luckily, after moving down the LA last year I found Matt at Black Kat Motorwerks. He did an amazing job and the bike ran better than she ever had. I was using her as my daily driver until the fear of ending up in a hospital during a pandemic became overwhelming.

I could not park such a motorcycle at my new home, where my parking is fairly exposed in Venice Beach, so I parked the bike, covered up and charging, next to my parent's garage. Shaded by their 100-year-old pepper tree.

Pepper tree gave up in the whole shading thing last weekend. We are very lucky that it glanced off the garage and walloped my lovely motorcycle, instead of my parent's home.

The bike is insured. Matt at Black Kat picked her up as soon as the tree was cut off her. She rolled into his truck, which surprised me.

We wait.