Two lovely BMW R90S sold at auction in January and one I like more

This is an absolutely lovely example of a very well restored 1975 BMW R90S.

I am also a fan of this '74 silver smoke, but I prefer the 1976 in Daytona Orange. Read the rest

BMW Motorrad to sell "M" class bikes?

BMW Motorrad, the fun BMW that makes the motorcycles, may release some 'M' class bikes. 'M' in the world of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, the boring fuckers who make the cars and SUVs means 'this one is supposed to be fast.'

In motorcycle land, we use "S" for SPEED.


A recent trademark filing suggests that BMW Motorrad has patented ‘M 1000 RR’, ‘M 1000 XR’ and ‘M 1300 GS’. It’s still unclear whether this is a collaboration between the two sub-divisions at BMW, or simply a new naming convention. The rumor comes on the back of BMW’s latest trademark filings with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

BMW Motorrad currently uses the ‘S’ moniker for its range of motorcycles especially in the premium end of the scale. Currently, the M badge is reserved for the performance-based variants of the regular models and in the future for potential standalone models.

This post serves as a welcome excuse to share a photo of my R90S. Read the rest

This BMW R90S has run 240k miles

Moon stuff notwithstanding, this particular bike is just beautiful at nearly a quarter-million miles. This bike is clearly well-loved, and her owner seems chill, like an Airhead should be.

Mine has 50,078.

Here is yours. Read the rest

Technical drawings and vintage video of the 1970s BMW R90S

The most beautiful motorcycle of all time. The boxer engine is a marvel. Read the rest

Peter Egan talks about his 1976 BMW R90 S and some other bike

Without question the 1976 BMW R90s is the high watermark of motorcycle design and engineering. I absolutely love mine. Listening to Peter Egan, a legendary motorcycle journalist, talk about his and some other bike he compares it to, is a lot of fun.

If Egan had a Daytona Orange model no one would have noticed the other bike. Daytona Orange is not only faster, it handles better. Read the rest

Free 'The Airhead' e-zine issue dedicated to the iconic BMW R90S

Of course there is an entire issue of The Airhead, a BMW Airhead enthusiast e-zine, completely dedicated to the most beautiful motorcycle of all time, the R90S.

The term "Airhead" is used to describe the beloved 1970s models of BMWs air-cooled twin cylinder motorcycle, and their loopy owners. There is some great history in the e-zine, and I really enjoy the rider/owner stories. The R90S is a standout in looks, and performance, but comes with the same quirks as the well known line of motorcycle. Quirks seem to be what it is all about.

The guys at The Airhead e-zine had this to say about the issue, and their publication:

This Sample Issue is not representative of the normal content of The Airhead in that it is dedicated to just one bike - the iconic R90S. It is offered here as a thankyou to the members of two R90S forums who helped in many different ways to put this particular issue together.

It will, I hope, give everyone a taste for The Airhead. If you feel that you share our love of all Classic and Vintage BMW's and want to keep these fantastic machines alive and on the roads then we'd love you to join us. We're not a club, we don't do politics, we don't do bullshit and we don't backbite. We just love our bikes!

Free Sample Issue of The Airhead Read the rest