Marjorie Taylor Greene's ugly comment about a woman in a hijab resurfaces

Many of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (Q-GA) racist or just plain bullying and hateful Facebook posts have been deleted, or buried so far down people who didn't know who she was in 2019 never saw them. Here is a resurfaced short clip from an hour-long video she took in front of a library that was throwing a "drag queen story time" event, in which she points to a woman wearing a hijab and says in disgust, "See that, right there? Our library is full of that."

What we don't see here is Greene calling a drag queen "an abomination" and saying there were "militant looking militants" at the event who "look like they want to murder me." (See below tweet for more details.)

From DailyDot:

But it's a 2019 video that perhaps best sums up Greene's ethos. Back in her home state of Georgia, she turned her sights on a "drag queen story time" at her local library. She called the drag queen an "abomination" and said the event was "brainwashing" children and "violates" her children's rights (though her children are not there).

After the event, she spent over an hour lingering in front of the library.

"There's a bunch of like, militant looking lesbians that looks like they want to murder me, because they don't like me," she noted of the crowd leaving at one point. A few minutes later, she flipped her camera to show a woman in a hijab walking outside the library.

"See that, right there? Our library is full of that," she said.