That time that Kenner released a torture chamber playset

Who can forget that charming scene in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi when we got to see screaming droids being branded and torn apart in the dungeon beneath Jabba the Huts' palace? Ah, fond memories.

Lest any child forget, in 1983 (er… and again in 1984), Kenner released a Jabba the Hut Dungeon action playset. They did, at least, eventually think better of using the word torture on the box copy, first covering it with a sticker, replaced it with "use branding iron on," and then turning torture into "a hot time" on the 84 release. The product was, in fact, a rebranding of an earlier Star Wars Droid Factory playset.

"It's Kenner! It's torture! [SQUAWK]"

Image: Screegrab