A man and his boss are driving through an Alabama tornado and capture it on video

Cesar Villaseñor and his boss were driving in Alabama during one of the 14 storms in the state yesterday, heading to the boss's house for shelter, when they found themselves inside what seems like a tornado. The start of the video below shows a blur of wind, rain, and debris swirling around them while their van shakes. "Oh shit," you can hear one of the men say. "Oh no."

From HuffPost:

The weather was clear when they started out, but changed in a flash. 

"Everything starts going to hell basically," Villaseñor said, "At one point, the van was shaking really bad to the point that I thought it was like to flip over. I was just shaking. I couldn't control my hands."

Fortunately it didn't seem to last long, and by the end of the short clip their windows are rolled down as they look around in shock. At least five people died in the Alabama storms.