Does Donald Trump Jr. know who his father is? Find out on Roy Wood's "Unsolved Mysteries: MAGA Edition"

"Does Don Junior know who his father is?" This is the central question of The Daily Show's Roy Wood Jr. as he investigates to solve an Unsolved Mysteries: MAGA Edition conundrum.

"You might imagine that Donald Trump Junior definitely knows who his dad is," Wood begins. "The man says 'my father' more than the pope. And yet, in recent years, a mysterious thing happened: Don Junior started talking like a man who had no damn idea that Donald Trump was his daddy."

Wood then provides evidence through video clips of Trump Junior showing how every criticism Junior throws at Joe Biden and Biden's family actually describes the Trumps to a tee. We are presented with reruns of Junior blaming the Bidens for nepotism, for corruption, for confusion… when in reality he is describing every last detail about his own clan.

Wood, ends this amusing segment of Unsolved Mysteries by asking the audience to please contact the show with any information that might help solve this week's stumper.