Watch the many ways a human and mama duck try to rescue her babies from a swimming pool

Jumping into a swimming pool is easy for ducks of all ages, but getting out is a different story. Watch the many ways this mama duck – along with a human helper – tries to get her babies out of a swimming pool. When simply hopping out from the side of the pool doesn't work – the rim of the pool is too high for the small ducklings – the mother leads them to a step, and later to an even higher step, but they still can't make the jump. A human with a net then offers his assistance by creating a ramp out of a raft, but they don't catch on, swimming under it instead. How about scooping them out with the net? Nope – as soon as they are scooped out they jump back in! Finally, the human assistant sets some turtle statuettes on the pool's top step, as a makeshift stepping stool, and although it's touch and go for a few moments, this last tactic saves the day.