"Mars Sucks" billboard shows up in front of SpaceX HQ to celebrate Earth Day

A billboard reading "Mars sucks. — Earth" was put up in front of SpaceX headquarters to celebrate Earth Day. The billboard was sponsored by environmental groups including Greenpeace, World Wildlife, Surfrider, and the EDF. My personal hope is that all the planets can get along. Happy Earth Day.

See their website.


Jon Carlaw of Activista said: "The idea is solely from creative company Activista (www.activistalosangeles.com). Greenpeace, WWF, Surfrider, EDF are not sponsors, nor are any of the other organizations listed on our campaign page www.marssucks.com. We simply recognize the efforts these organizations are making in preserving life on this planet and wish to direct visitors to our site who wish to help to contribute towards them. We ask that you please kindly correct the article to reflect this."

Image: The Mars Sucks projec