The Victorinox Airox Frequent Flyer Hardside is the perfect carry-on (at least for me)

I'm fully vaccinated and my travel calendar is filling up fast. I wanted a new travel bag my criteria were:

  • Carry-on size
  • four wheels (not just two)
  • Lightweight
  • Not a lot of pockets or compartments (I put my small stuff in these Japanese mesh zipper bags so I don't need extra compartments)
  • Orange colored, if possible (I like colorful luggage)

The Victorinox Airox Frequent Flyer Hardside fit the bill. It weighs only five pounds and rolls very smoothly on large wheels without having to tilt it. The handle locks at three different heights, which is useful in different situations. Each half of the polycarbonate clamshell has a zippered mesh divider. All the zippers are smooth and the pull tabs fit neatly into the combination lock so they aren't dangling and at risk of breaking.

I own a lot of Victorinox gear and like it, so I'm not surprised by how nice this bag is. If you're still thinking of a Mother's Day gift, this is a good option.