Read this free comic about the history of climate change denial propaganda

Illustrator and animator Céline Keller undertook the fascinatingly complex task of adapting a research paper on climate change propaganda into a graphic narrative. Here's how the artist explains it:

This is a comic adaption of the 'Discourses of Climate Delay' study by the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC). I used the quotes from their supplementary materials and added some extra examples with context information gathered mostly from the fantastic Climate Disinformation Database at Desmog.

You can download a PDF of the comic, or check it out at Keller's website. A print run is supposedly on the way as well.

Discourses of Climate Delay (Lamb, W., Mattioli, G., Levi, S., Roberts, J., Capstick, S., Creutzig, F., Minx, J., Müller-Hansen, F., Culhane, T., Steinberger, J. / Adapted by Céline Keller)