Miami woman, 28, trespassed at high school and pretended to be student, all for the Gram

Audrey Nicole Francisquini, 28, was arrested at Miami, Florida's American Senior High School after she walked into the school, pretended to be a student, and then handed out fliers to students encouraging them to follow her on Instagram. She's been charged with burglary (perhaps a prior incident?), trespassing at an educational institution, and resisting arrest. That's her mugshot above—she seems quite pleased with herself. From Local10:

Footage showed that she not only dressed up like a student on purpose, but as she was preventing the students from entering the classroom, she was simultaneously handing them pre-printed pamphlets with her social media username (or handle) on the flyers.

Once officials were able to locate her though her social media page and driver's license, she was arrested at her Miami Beach home on Monday, May 10, and taken into custody without incident with the assistance of North Miami Beach Police.

According to police, when they began telling her which charges were being filed against her, she told them she wanted to show them a video she had recorded on her cellphone while at the school during the incident.

Police say the video correlates exactly with their report.