Tucker Carlson thinks the FBI organized the Capitol riot

Tucker Carlson has always been an unpleasantly weird person, but his increasingly frequent paranoid, cognitive misfirings suggest he's suffering from deeper issues. Now he's claiming the FBI orchestrated the deadly Capitol riot to make peace-loving Qnuts look bad.

Carlson is basing his wacky, pathetic theory on the false assumption that "unindicted co-conspirators in the Capitol riot indictments means those people are government agents," explains Aaron Blake in The Washington Post, "and that this, in turn, means the FBI was involved in organizing the riot."

Here's what Carlson said on his show:

But wait, here's the interesting thing: Person Two and Person Three were organizers of the riot. The government knows who they are, but the government has not charged them. Why is that?

You know why: They were almost certainly working for the FBI. So, FBI operatives were organizing the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, according to government documents.

And those two are not alone. In all, Revolver News reported there are, quote, "upwards of 20 unindicted co-conspirators in the Oath Keeper indictments, all playing various roles in the conspiracy who have not been charged for virtually the exact same activities, and in some cases, much, much more severe activities as those named alongside them in the indictments."

Huh? So it turns out that this "white supremacist" insurrection was, again by the government's own admission in these documents, organized at least in part by government agents.