Putin smirks as he describes Trump's jealously of President Biden

Last month, Russia's Vladimir Putin reportedly said he preferred President Joe Biden over Donald Trump because the president was "a more experienced, predictable person." And in a state-controlled interview released today, the dictator smirked when describing the time a jealous Trump "admonished" him for "liking Biden."

"In the last year of his work as president… [Trump] admonished me for the fact that I like Biden," Putin said, via the Daily Beast.

"You want him to win," the insecure former one-term president pouted, according to Putin, who clearly has the upper-hand in this relationship.

"Excuse me, I'll say it like he did … 'for Sleepy Joe to win,' Putin added. "He told me this when he was still president."

Putin seems to be having fun poking his underlings in the United States. Besides toying with Trump's delicate emotions, he also trashed Kremlin-toady Tucker Carlson last month for being a "weak" interviewer.