Do any Republicans actually know what critical race theory is? Unsolved Mysteries (MAGA Edition) investigates

Republicans are past Dr. Seuss books, now focusing their fury on critical race theory. They say it teaches children to hate America and are fighting to keep it out of schools. But, of course, the fact-denying GOP is clueless about such (and all) matters. And that's where the unsolved mystery lies.

"Critical race theory. It's made conservatives so mad, they've temporarily forgotten about Ilhan Omar," the Daily Show's Roy Wood Jr. says in this week's "MAGA Edition" of Unsolved Mysteries. "But … one can't help but wonder: Does literally anyone on the right actually know what critical race theory is?"

Watch as Wood hopelessly tries to make sense of a political party that thinks critical race theory is "a religion of secularism and guilt," "the denial of critical thinking," "a device to capture white guilt," "teaching people to hate our country," … And the icing on the cake: "It's not even about race."

He gives it his best shot, but some mysteries are too big for even Roy Wood Jr. to solve.