Man sat on toilet only to be bitten by his neighbor's escaped pet python

Early yesterday morning, a 65-year-old fellow in Graz, Austria had just sat down on the toilet to do his business when he felt a "pinch" in his gentials. Turns out, he had been bitten by an albino reticulated python that had escaped from his neighbor's apartment and reportedly slithered up through the drain into the toilet bowl. The man was treated for minor injuries from non-venomous snake's bite. From Reuters:

A reptile expert contacted by the emergency services removed the snake from the toilet, cleaned it and returned it to its owner. Its victim was treated in hospital for minor injuries.

The 24-year-old neighbour, who owns 11 snakes, all non-venomous constrictors, has been reported to the prosecutors' office on suspicion of negligently causing bodily harm, the police added.

image (cropped): OKJaguar (CC BY-SA 4.0)