Watch these horny toads take a "ride" on a python

During a storm in Kununurra, Australia that dumped nearly three inches of rain, a farmer braved the weather to check on the dam near his home. That's when he spotted this 11-foot python "moving across the grass at full speed" with 10 cane toads riding on his back.

But, according to amphibian expert Jodi Rowley, these poisonous toads weren't just hitching a ride to get to dryer grounds – they were actually trying to mate with the snake.

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Python falls from ceiling in bank

A staff meeting at a bank in Nanning, southern China was interrupted when a 5-foot python fell from the ceiling. CCTV video below. From Yahoo!7:

A snake catcher was called to retrieve the python, which will be sent to a local wildlife conservation centre.

According to online reports, this is the second time a snake has slipped into this branch of the bank.

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Attempted python selfie goes awry

A man attempting to take a selfie with a python was bitten by the python, reports the Reuters news agency. "It attacked me," said the victim, one of a group of people manhandling the massive snake in hopes of getting a photo with it. Read the rest

Are you a pessimist or an optimist when it comes to giant snakes?

Tired of measuring your relative pessimism/optimism by half-empty and half-full glassware? Try this new method, courtesy herpetologist Michael Dorcas. Read the following quote, then decide — is this fact comforting or distressing: "We’ve walked right past a 15-foot python without seeing it." Also potentially relevant to your interests: PBS' 2012 documentary about dissecting a giant python. Read the rest