DRM causes a popular game to stutter. The fix is to pirate it.

DRM often punishes legitimate players without stopping pirates, but piracy being the only way to enjoy a game broken by DRM is another thing entirely. Enter Capcom's Resident Evil Village, whose DRM-related "stuttering" problems are fixed simply by downloading a cracked copy.

Disappointed buyers of the game (and anyone else) can now get what they paid for (or didn't)—and finally know why the performance problems haven't been fixed despite months of complaining.

In order to thoroughly test the game, we've played the pirated version for over two hours and killed numerous enemies. And, surprisingly enough, we did not get a single stutter during these two hours. Even the catacombs at Lady Dimitrescu's castle, an area notorious for its stuttering issues when killing enemies, was stutter-free.

This could very well explain why Capcom has not commented on the game's stuttering issues. Over the past couple of months, PC gamers were asking for a fix. And, thanks to piracy, we now know what is causing them.

Now I don't encourage you to pirate the game. However, it's really disappointing witnessing – yet another – game running better via its pirated/cracked version.