Florida man arrested after trying to teach alligator a lesson

A 32-year-old Florida man is accused of wrestling with an alligator that he stole from a miniature golf course and later trying to hurl it onto the roof of a cocktail bar. When his throwing skills failed him, he was seen holding the gator by the tail and trying to whack it against the ground. When police asked William "Bubba" Hodge what caused the cruel behavior toward the alligator, he said he was "teaching it a lesson." A lesson on what, exactly, was unclear.

Police charged the gentleman "with five offenses, including the felonies of Animal Cruelty, Possession/Injury of an Alligator, and Burglary," according to Daytona Beach Shores Public Safety's Facebook page. It's highly unlikely these charges will teach Bubba any lessons at all.

William "Bubba" Hodge, aka failed alligator instructor

Top image: Florida Fish and Wildlife / Flickr
Second image: Volusia County Jail

Via the Daily Beast