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Back in 1986, video game developer Kazuhisa Hashimoto knew how frustrated players were playing his difficult new game Gradius. Hoping players could just enjoy the game and stop worrying so much about winning, Hashimoto implemented a cheat code to give players an extra 30 free lives. Known as the Konami Code, this up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right cheat code found its way into loads of early Nintendo games — and the cheat code myth was born.

Today, it's tougher to find a game that doesn't have one of these coding Easter eggs hidden inside than finding one that does. Of course, finding them … well, that's the real trick now, isn't it?

Cheat Happens cuts right to the chase. With their own team of trainers and experts, they've amassed a compendium of all the biggest, baddest cheat codes in all the biggest, baddest games — and right now, they're making all of the cheat code expertise available at half off the regular price.

Cheat Happens isn't just a web page with some cheat codes written down. They're one of the most popular cheat code websites for PC games on the web, employing programmers who actually create custom cheats and cool trainers for virtually any PC game you can imagine.

With this lifetime premium account, players get unlimited access to over 27,000 trainers for over 6,000 PC games with new ones dropping literally every day at an average of about 170 each month. The resource is a paradise for gamers, offering cheats, trainers, and savegames for popular games like Battlefield 1, Blush Blush, Cris Tales, Swords n Magic and Stuff, Mini Motorways, Necromunda Hired Gun, and more.

In addition to the cheats, members also get full access to the Cheat Happens Trainer Manager and CoSMOS software, plus their upcoming mobile app. There's also a title tracker for keeping up with new or updated cheats, as well as a forum to talk over games and all those cheats with other players.

A Cheat Happens Latest PC Cheat Codes Premium Lifetime Subscription is a $99 value, but right now, it's available for half that price, down to just $49.