Bear wanders into Los Angeles supermarket

A bear entered Ralph's supermarket in the Los Angeles suburb of Porter Ranch, and was allegedly recorded by actress Tisha Campbell who claims to have been shopping there at the time.

KCAL 9 has more:

The Department of Fish and Wildlife said there were multiple sightings of the small adult bear. The agency managed to contain it inside a construction area behind Walmart.

The animal was hiding under a trailer for some time before authorities could reach it. They then tranquilized the 120-pound bear before relocating it to a safe area.

"It was decided that the best route for not only public safety but also for the bear itself was to chemically immobilize the animal, which we were successful in doing," said Lt. Jake Coombs, an officer with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. "And it's on its way back to the Angeles National Forest for release to a suitable habitat."