Watch a woman prank her dogs by using words they love on a fake phone call

A TikToker pranks her two German shepherds by using pup-friendly words while on a fake phone call – last week's TikTok trend – and their synchronized head tilts are both hilarious and show just how smart they are.

"Hello? Oh we're just at home hanging out with Hazel and Motley," the human says. At this point the dogs seem nearly oblivious, although an ear does twitch. But then… "They were very good pups today. They went for a walk." That grabs their attention as they intently begin stare at their human.

"Yeah, the walk was really good. On the walk we saw a few puppies, but then Motley found a stick, and a ball." Motley and Hazel are now engaged, cocking their heads like their lives depend on it.

"And then he took the ball and he went to the park. And after the park we went to the dog park, and that's where we threw the ball. And then we jumped in the pool and we went swimming." The doggo heads snap from side to side like a choreographed routine in the most inquisitive and adorable way.

Here are some others from last week: