Save $30 on a vacuum that lets you groom your pets like a stylist

You can barely find time to get yourself to the barber or hairdresser regularly. Yet somehow, you end up feeling like a serious failure as a pet parent when your cat or dog doesn't get groomed properly. Of course, the animal itself doesn't really care. They attend to their own cleaning regimen and frankly, most aren't exactly gung-ho about seeing the pet groomer anyway. Unless they're 3 months old and ridiculously adorable, of course.

But you know when they haven't been properly washed and shorn in a while, and it's not a great moment when you feel like a neglectful guardian of your pet's appearance.

The Wovida 5-in-1 Multifunctional Pet Grooming Vacuum Cleaner eliminates that guilt as well as the pet grooming visit altogether, offering the tools to handle all those needed grooming tasks all on your own. The all-in-one unit clips, trims, combs, and brushes easily, while also making sure that mess of discarded pet hair is also safely gathered and disposed of.

The canister vacuum includes three different suction levels, including a top pull that can remove 99 percent of all pet hair while also cutting down on pet odors in the house. The 3-layered sealed cyclone filtration system really does a number of stray hairs and other leftovers, all with recyclable and washable filters for session after session.

While the vacuum itself is the centerpiece here, this collection still features an assortment of grooming and cleaning tools for getting the job done. That includes a pet clipper, brushes for slicking, grooming, and general cleaning, as well as a very helpful crevice tool getting in and sweeping out all those spaces where pet hair can collect and hide.

The slicker brush can gently loosen up mats, tangles, knots, and loose hair as well as pick up dirt and debris for a healthier, shinier coat. Meanwhile, the deshedder cleans up the topcoat by removing 95 percent of excess hair. That results in softer, smoother, healthier skin for your pet, and also ensures your floors and furniture aren't caked in stray hairs. Finally, the clipper has four adjustable clipping combs from 6mm to 24mm, so you can get your cat or dog's fur length just right. 

Rather than dropping $60 to $80 per grooming session, invest in the Wovida 5-in-1 Multifunctional Pet Grooming Vacuum Cleaner and the whole thing pays for itself in just a few months. Regularly $159.99, use the code WOVIDA30 when you make your purchase to chop $30 off the price, bringing your total to just $129.99.