Waukesha Wisconsin school board rejects federal meal program because it will "spoil" families and create a "slow addiction" to the service

Why is Waukesha the only school district in Wisconsin school that isn't providing students with free meals this year? According to The Washington Post, school board members are concerned that families will become spoiled by and addicted to the food assistance program:

Karin Rajnicek, a school board member, said the free program made it easy for families to "become spoiled." Darren Clark, assistant superintendent for business services, said there could be a "slow addiction' to the service."

[T]he Waukesha School District board decided to opt out of a federally funded program that would give free meals to all students regardless of family income.

The board voted June 9 to return to the pre-pandemic National School Lunch Program, which offers free and reduced-price lunches to students who apply and receive federal money for them. Waukesha is the only eligible school districtin the state to eschew the funding.